Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results! (CLEAR)

Designed for individuals living with or at high risk for HIV, CLEAR is an evidence-based, client-centered, health promotion program that encourages clients to make healthier choices in their lives.  Working individually with a prevention counselor through five core sessions, 21 menu sessions and a wrap up session, clients develop     a personal life goals and individualized prevention plans. CLEAR helps clients set and meet goals, discuss and understand feelings, define and solve problems, and communicate more assertively.

CLEAR sessions are free and confidential.

If you would like to learn more about CLEAR, please contact Wanda: 1-603-448-8887, ext. 106, or email


Social Networks Testing

Designed to reach at-risk individuals and encourage them to get tested, this program utilizes HIV-positive or high risk HIV-negative individuals as Care Advocates who reach out to people in their social, sexual or drug-use networks in order to bring them in for HIV testing. Incentives are available to both the Care Advocate and the person who comes in for testing.

All testing sessions are free, confidential and anonymous.

If you would like to learn more about Social Networks Testing - or if you would like to become a Care Advocate - please contact Laura: 1-603-448-8887, ext. 105 or email